We would like to talk about some gambling systems which the players can meet in practice of games in a casino often enough, but which do not actually work and bring a winning by a mere chance. So when a player does win using such a system it only means that he or she is a lucky person.

We will describe several gambling systems that the players use often enough when they want to increase their chance of winning at a casino. Although there are those who do succeed when using such pseudo casino systems we may say safely that their success is as a result of pure chance and such systems are of no use at all.

1. Ten percent of the bet system

To show you how this system works let us consider a situation when a player has 200 dollars bankroll and he needs to use it within one gaming session. According to this system the first bet that a player makes should be ten percent of the bankroll, which is here 20 dollars. In case the player loses this bet his bankroll will be 180 dollars and so the next bet should be 18 dollars (10% of the sum). And if the player wins his first bet and receives 20 dollars win (so his bankroll would be 220$), then his next bet has to be 22 dollars (10% of the sum).

The point is that the player will be comparatively safe if he gets into a line of bad luck, because then his betting rates would decrease and he would be able to stay in the game for more time. This way the player can hope that his good luck will come back to him and he would start winning once again. Also the player has to decide in advance at what point he would quit the game.

2. The consolation casino system

This system is rather complicated one, but some players say that it really works. Still, according to numerous analysts the players who decide to try out this system will not want to use it ever again. Those who want to apply this system first of all need to write down all numbers from 1 to 20.

  • A player bets one plus twenty (sum of the 1st and last number), which is twenty one dollars
  • After that the player bets two plus nineteen (sum of the 2nd and the penultimate number), which is twenty one dollars
  • If the player wins he needs to cross out these numbers
  • The following bet should be three plus eighteen, which is twenty one dollars
  • The numbers that the player did not cross out will double their bets
  • For instance, if the numbers four plus seven were not crossed out, the player should bet forty two dollars.

This system is also associated with the D’Alamber System, but the difference is that the player has to quit the game if he has won 210 dollars.

3. The casino system of preference

They use the System of Preference when playing roulette mostly, but the players can easily apply it to other casino games as well. The idea of the system is that certain colors appear on the roulette wheel more often than the others. And this means that in a long run the players will win more betting on certain colors or numbers. The experts say that using this system will not bring players any benefits. In the times when they used a mechanical roulette wheel some peculiarities of its construction may have caused it to stop more often on certain colors or numbers. But nowadays we usually play using random number generators and computerized technology, so the chances of such system to succeed are simply none.

4. The groups casino system theory

According to this system the players should choose one of 2 packs of cards, mix them and then lay them on the table with their faces up. To get the system think of the black card as a loss and of the red card as a prize. The players have to notice the sequence of losses and prizes. So the main idea of the Theory of Groups System is that a player who wins once when betting on certain number or color will have more chances to win on that number or color once again in your following bet. To say it more clearly a player who wins should bet on the prize, but if he has lost he should chose the number color. There are players who say that this system really works. Still we can never know at what point the groups will alternate and so a player can lose any second actually.

5. The return casino system

This system is a mirror reflection of the Theory of Groups System. It means that it is based on the theory of probability, and it says that all colors will come up an equal number of times.  That is why according to the return casino system a player who lands a red has to wager on black after that.

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