No matter what online roulette you choose, American, European or French, you can clearly see that to spots to make bets on the table; those spots are called the “inside” and the “outside” betting spots and online gambling. The inside spot has individual numbers where you can chose an interval or the exact number on which the ball will stop. In the outside your choice is wider; here you can pick the columns, red or black, the odds or evens and different number groups.

Betting on inside.

Straight up: you put only one bet on the number where the ball will land ( there’s no easier bet than this).

Split: place the bet on two linked numbers, for example one and two or six and nine.

Three line or street: you can place the bet on three consecutive numbers, for instance from 4 through 6. The European variation of the roulette allows two special bets: 0-1-2 and 0-2-3; meanwhile the American variation offers the players three special bets: 0-1-2, 0-00-2 and 00-2-3.

Corner or square: you place the bet on four numbers located on the corner.

Six line: this bet doubles the street.

Betting on outside.

Dozen: as the word says it, you can chose twelve numbers to bet on, those can the first twelve, the second twelve numbers or the last twelve numbers.

High or low: you chose between betting on the highest half of numbers, from 19 through 36, or the lowest half, from 1 to 18.

Column: you can pick the numbers column you like most to bet on it.

Odd or even: simply pick an even or odd number.

Red or black: this is a color bet, choose red or black and bet.

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