We invite you to visit the new online casino Jackpot Games to try to play Red Dog. Perhaps, you will not like this title, that it can dispose you against the game. But do not draw conclusion it before you you’re your strength there.

You should load the Flash-based game. The first thing that players see an usual table covered with green baize. Red Dog comes with a slider and a scale at the top with an array of number and payouts. The best way to understand how to play any new casino game is the method of tests and mistakes, and some Jackpot Games allow you to do it. Gradually, all the rules of game will be clear, and the game will become quite easy, with simple logical combinations and plenty of generous rewards. you will feel Very soon that with a bit of luck and with a little experience you will have many chances to win.

After the ante is placed you are dealt two cards. The face value of the cards determines the possibility of the payout by the difference between the two. For example, if you were dealt a 6 and a Jack then the difference would be four – 7, 8, 9 and 10. If the next card dealt is either one of those numbers then you win. The less numbers between the two cards dealt the bigger the payout. Where three possible cards between the two dealt is paid out at 2:1, 2 cards at 4:1 and a card at 5:1. It is as clear as that, but then you have one more surprise. If there are more than four cards separating the two cards dealt then you get paid out at evens, but, and here’s Red Dog’s ace in the hole: you can either raise or call on the third card. So if you have a gap of 10 or 11 it’s a fairly safe bet to raise and double your bet at evens, which allows you to boost your bankroll on safer bets. There’s more too, with three of a kinds being paid out at 11:1 and pairs and consecutive cards (4 and 5 for example, where there is no gap between the cards) resulting in a push, all of which keeps each hand fresh and players on their toes.

The game is a good combination of skill, a small part of luck and an enjoyable spending of time. It can entertain and give prizes in a short period of time. If you play Red Dog at least once, you will surely return to this fun game again and again.

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